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Surrey Blocked Drains cleared Today!

All Blocked drains across Surrey cleared and guaranteed to keep you flowing.

Blocked drains, overflowing drains or full Drain cleans. 4 Drains have you covered. 

We schedule to you, causing no disruption to your day to day life or place of work. 

We are here 7 days a week with no extra charges for evenings or weekends.

For Blocked drain cleaning in any Surrey area  today please call and we will be happy to help. 


Call us. Surrey's local company 4 Drains

Surrey's Local Trusted company 4 Drains

A Blocked Drain can present itself in a number ways.

From gurgling utilities, airborne smells, backed up waste water or wet sodden ground.

Blocked Drain problems are not only very inconvenient but can also pose harm to your health and that of the environment. 

If you have a Blocked Drain that needs unblocking professionally please contact us. 

Your local Surrey company 4 Drains. 

If you are getting Drain smells, rodent problems or have overflowing Blocked Drains then our Surrey drain unblocking services are more than likely needed.

Our Surrey based experienced Drainage engineers are on hand to help 365 days a year so please don’t hesitate to call your local Blocked Drain experts 4 Drains and we will remedy your Drainage dramas.

Overflowing Blocked Drains are a health and safety nightmare. 

With the combination of bad smells, the damage an overflowing Drain can cause by flooding and the added invitation of pest rats, Drain flies these obviously need fixing fast.

Our Surrey Blocked Drain services are on hand 24/7. Our engineers can be with you anywhere in Essex within 90 minutes of your booking.

Grease residue that builds up in Drain lines creates what’s known as Fatbergs.

Blocked Drains due to Fatbergs have to be broken up and removed using High Pressure Jetting Equipment as the congealed solids stick to the inside of the pipe. They can not be cleared properly using Drain rods as this usually pushes the problem downstream and causes a further Blockage elsewhere.

If you live in Surrey and our services are needed for Blocked Drains due to fats. Give us a call.

As a general rule Foul Drains should only be taking waste water, human faeces and tissue. 

Although some products are advertised as flushable they either do not dissolve or take a long time doing so. These blockages need to be Flushed with High Pressure Jetting equipment as they latch on to the joints between Drain sections and if not removed cause smells, re occurring blockages and attract rodents.

If you live in Surrey and our services are needed for Blocked Drains due to Wipes. Give us a call.

Limescale builds any where water flows in your property from the taps, kettle, washing machine and Drains.

Due to many areas in Surrey suffering from hard water there is often a need for our Surrey drain descaling services.

General use of household de scaling products work but hard water areas may need water softeners or Drain cleaning. This is done using specialised descaling nozzles, milling machines or industrial use of descaling products.

Surrey being a very rural county. There is no shortage of trees, Or drain blockages due to them.

Gutters, downpipes, surface Gully’s and linear grills can usually be cleared using manual methods and special grabs to remove debris obstructing the flow. Machinery is only needed past these points to remove silt etc from blocked surface Drains or blocked soakaways that need routine maintenance.

If you live in Surrey and our services are needed for Blocked Drains due to this. Give us a call.

Surrey being a very rural county. There is no shortage of trees, Or drain blockages due to them.

Blocked Drains due to root ingress have to be cleared with either a cutting tool, chain flail jetting nozzle, milling machine or similar.

Fibrous roots looking for water usually break into open collars or joints in a Drain line then start to take hold. A Drain CCTV inspection is normally required to assess any damage and advise for Drain repairs. 

If you live in Surrey and our services are needed for Blocked Drains due to roots. Give us a call.

From children’s toys, Toilet fresheners, Lost Drain rods from DIY attempts etc etc. 

What ever reason for your blocked drains ,We have a tool to fix it. Usually by use of retrieval tools, jet machinery or a vacuum pump.

If you live in Surrey and our services are needed for Blocked Drains due to this. Give us a call.

Blocked inspection chambers Can sometimes hold large volumes of waste before a blockage has backed up enough for you to realise there is a problem.

They are designed as vital access points to clean and maintain your Drains. They should be inspected on a regular basis to see if Drain Cleaning is needed.  

Interceptors, Winser, Buchan or Running traps are usually found around the boundaries of a property with access by either a Drain inspection chamber, manhole or ground level access eye.

It is advised they are cleaned using high pressure jetting equipment and the use of grabs to remove any scale or held debris. 

Drain gullies are traps designed to stop foul smells and hold local debris to be cleaned out and maintained. They can be foul Drains or surface water Drains.

Domestic gullies are usually found on kitchen and bathroom waste outlet pipes but can also be below downpipes. Usual blockage types include solid grease, fallen debris.

Blockages in waste soil stack pipes are usually due to scale build up in the resting bend at the base of the stack itself  or at joints of other connecting waste pipes.

Foreign objects that have been flushed and snagged in the pipework or faults in the stack due to material wear and tear are also very common. Ie- Corroded cast iron or a broken clay joint connection to the Drain line below.

Most Drain Pipes in Surrey are made with either a ceramic salt glazed clay, cast iron, pitch fibre or modern day hard plastics.

Our equipment is set up to clean all of the above without compromising the pipework or the need for un needed Drain repairs. 

Wastepipes are usually found in 1″1/4, 1″1/2, and 2″ sizes. From both kitchen and bathroom appliances/suites.

We can clear these with either manual tools and plungers, mechanical wired tools or mini water jets depending on the cause/type of Drain system. 

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