Drain CCTV inspections for home buyers and sellers.

So you are buying or selling a new property.

Chances are you have a survey being done on your property. But does it include an inspection of the Drainage?

Take a moment to read this blog and it could save you a lot of time, money and effort….

Home buyer/seller Drain CCTV inspections.

Property surveys will not always include a detailed drain inspection and report of the drains condition.

This is obviously a very important thing to consider as broken drains if gone unnoticed can cost a lot of money to put right. They can also in extreme cases cause property subsidence or damage.

Because they are out of sight, they usually are forgotten about until these type of problem arise.

Most foul / combined drains in the UK are 4 or 6 inch in diameter. They can be bigger in commercial settings or sewers but generally speaking they fall within this range.

With this in mind special drain cameras or remote crawler units are produced to inspect the system. This equipment is normally only held by drain companies and not by a general surveyor.

This is why regularly it is not offered within your survey, although being a very important consideration when purchasing or selling a property.

What is involved

To carry out the inspection usually access to a power and or water supply would be needed, in order to power the camera unit and washdown where necessary.

Access would be made to all available inspection chambers and manholes. Then a full CCTV inspection carried out of all the drain lines and connecting parts of the system such as a gully’s, chambers, soil vent pipes etc.

Providing there are no blocked drains at the time of inspection it is a relatively straight forward process.

The drains are inspected for defects in a methodical manner, whilst making a report of any findings.

Once complete the buyer and vendor both have total transparency and can act accordingly in the view of any drain repairs needed or not.

CCTV Drain camera
Image of a drain CCTV crawler unit in operation.
Booking a Drain camera inspection.

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