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If you are getting Drain smells, rodent problems. Have overflowing or collapsed Drains then our services are more than likely needed.

Our experienced Drainage engineers are on hand to help 365 days a year so please don’t hesitate to call your local Drain Repair experts 4 Drains and we will remedy your Drainage dramas.

Cracks or stress fractures in drain lines can be caused by many reasons such as above ground movement, root damage, weight baring damage or accidental mishaps.

Usually we can fix these using no dig technology with either patch repair or relining equipment.  

Collapsed Drain Repairs are a matter of urgency, as they can cause further damage to surrounding property or foundations if not fixed as soon as physically possible.

Signs of collapsed Drains include sunken or wet sodden ground, Foul or stagnant smells, Rodent problems. Or Damp and damaged walls/floors near known Drain runs. 

Root ingress into Drains can cause a lot of damage if not addressed.

Usually its caused by small fibrous roots searching for water and then penetrating Drain lines via broken collars or damaged parts in the system. 

The roots can be inspected by CCTV. Cut away using specialised tools/high pressure cleaning nozzles. Then any remedial works carried out. 

Drain covers and the frames they sit on are rated to a certain tonnage depending on the use. For example pedestrian rated, vehicle rated, airport runways etc..

With this in mind they also come in many different materials, sizes, shapes.

As we deal direct with the manufactures these can be safely tailored to your needs.


Soakaway systems can vary with a properties age. Older examples include, honey comb brickwork constructions. Or even rubble back filled underground voids.

The modern day aqua crate system that we now install can be designed specifically for your property and needs. This includes a peculation test prior to installation to see if the ground is suitable. 

As properties are converted and changed redundant Drain lines are becoming more commonly seen.

This can see additional problems if they are not suitably capped off or altered accordingly.

Our new tech resin capping system allows the Drain to be safely capped off but also gives you the option to remove and reuse the line in the future if needed. 

If you are having rat problems within your Drains. We advise a thorough clean using high pressure jet machinery. This removes any food source attracting the rats such as fatty deposits, food parts. 

We can then offer a free CCTV inspection and advise on the fitting of dedicated rat guards and one way flap valves to protect your property.  

This Drain Repair method causes no disruption as it is a No dig technology.

Like some one that undergoes heart surgery a balloon type bladder is past into the Drain line (artery) which is wrapped in a resin soaked liner.(stent). The balloon is then inflated and the liner cured. When the balloon is removed, a new smooth Drain line is present inside the existing one allowing perfect flow. 

Drain gullies are traps designed to stop foul smells and hold local debris to be cleaned out and maintained. They can be foul Drains or surface water Drains.

Gullies are usually found on kitchen and bathroom waste outlet pipes up against external walls. If damaged they can cause damp walls/flooring and Drain smells inside.

These are usually taken out and replaced from the next collar/ connection under ground then reinstated as before. 

Waste Soil stacks are repaired or replaced for the following main reasons.

Old cast iron stacks can become rusted internally over time and cause blockages to keep occurring. 

Resting bend connections at ground level can come away with ground movement causing an offset/ displaced joint needing Drain Repairs. 

Wastepipes and traps above ground in kitchens and bathrooms can become tired and in need of cleaning or wear and tear repairs.

From faulty washers, UV damaged pipes or pipe replacement throughout we have you covered.

Both our domestic and commercial customers can utilize our maintenance plans. 

Offering regular cleaning, Drain inspections, Drain Repairs of any size and the peace of mind your Drains wont interfere with what matters to you.  

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