Choosing the right company for a Blocked Drain.

So you have a blocked drain!

You more than likely have either encountered an overflown mess. Have noticed an unexplained horrid drain smell or things are just not right. For example – A slow running sink or a gurgling toilet.

But who do you contact to remedy your drainage drama and why?

Call the Professionals and save money.

Many people like to be the DIY enthusiast these days, and have a go themselves when it comes to an emergency blocked drain at home or their place of work.

This is understandably to try and save money or be self sufficient, but we usually see this is not the end result. The person ends up spending a lot more time and money on products, tools and cleaners that are not needed or up to the job and finally call in the professionals anyway once all else fails.

Add this to the fact many do it yourself attempts damage the drainage system and require further drain repairs, It really can be false economy.

Examples of failed attempts include losing drain rods in the drain or Damaging sinks etc with harsh cleaners such as acids.

There is also sometimes the added risk of an injury that in most workplaces the person would not be covered under the insurance or policy in the event of such occurrence outside their day to day role.

with this in mind to begin with who do you call ?

A plumber ? Although trained in most aspects of their industry would not usually carry the specialist equipment needed for most blocked drains, and would generally only carry hand tools and plungers which are not up to the job. This is why there is a need for drain companies specifically. The same as there are for boiler repairs for example needing a select set of skills and qualifications above what is taught in general plumbing.

With the internet at our finger tips and such a vast amount of drainage companies out there, how do you now choose the right one?

Booking the correct drain company

The blocked drain is obviously a priority and time is crucial not to cause any further damage from flooding etc which is where local drain companies can be key. The person or people coming to help would ideally need to be fully insured, carrying all the equipment for any scenario they encounter. Would have to be available any time of day or night 7 days a week. Guarantee their work and provide any needed after care and support. All whilst offering a professional service at a competitive price point to the industry.

Some companies are obviously going to promise the world for extremely low prices to get their foot in the door and these are usually the ones to avoid. Often with hidden fees such as call out charges or weekend and evening extras.

There are also companies that advertise as plumbers or drainage companies then offer an array of other services such as locksmiths, roofers, electricians and carpenters etc.

It would be advised to avoid these also, as you may be paying extra than needed for their services as they try to be jack of all and are actually master of none. Ultimately you have a blocked drain it makes no sense to contact someone who’s expertise are not focused on your problem at hand.

Here at 4 Drains we have you the customer in mind. We really do tick all the boxes when it comes to a reliable, trusted and professional drainage service. If you feel our services are required please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 4 Drains cover the southeast area of England (UK) including London and all surrounding counties.

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