How To Remove Rats From Your Drains.

So you have a Drain Rat Problem!

Rats are a very destructive pest. They not only carry and transmit diseases such as weils syndrome. But they can nest in your drainage system causing all sorts of drain problems.

So how do you remove Rats from your drains ?

Lets start with how and why the rats are in your drains in the first place.

Like any species of animal rats will try to find the best place to live with easy access to both food and shelter. Subterranean spaces such as sewer systems provide just that. And if your drains are allowing easy access due to broken pipes or are in need of a clean due to fat / grease residue and build up for example, or a blocked drain you are providing them with the perfect habitat to live, nest and breed.

Because rats teeth never stop growing they have to constantly chew and gnaw. This is one of the reasons they venture from the drains into your property and cause so much destruction within your home. Chewing wires and other available materials under floors and in voids, usually accessed by openings or a broken drain from your property.

Removing and preventing Drain Rats.

With Rats that are venturing into spaces you can not access baiting or poisoning is probably not a good idea. The rats can take the bait and then die under your floors which in turn would smell horrific and give you a secondary problem of retrieval. So the approach to combating rats in your drains is as follows…

  1. Using a combination of Drain CCTV and high pressure jetting we can clean your drains removing the rats food source and preventing any harm to you from disease carried in a rats urine and faeces. whilst assessing for any damage or entry points to your drains or property.
  2. Once the areas are sanitised and a clear view of your drain system has been completed with Drain CCTV. We can advise you of any drain repairs needed to stop the rats from coming back. Usually in the way of blocking off redundant drain lines, patch lining repairs or the installation of rat guards, gates and one way valves.
This image shows how a rat guard is fitted into a drain line allowing the one way flow of waste or grey water. whilst providing a non return flap for pest rats.

If our services for Rat problems are needed and you live in the southeast of England (UK) Please contact our staff and we will be happy to help.

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